August Spirit Award Winners

In case you missed out on the newsletter, read on to learn more about our August Spirit Award Winners!

August Spirit Award Winner–CFXM Fenton:  Taylor Bartnick

This CrossFit Xtra Mile August Spirit Award Winner has been with the gym exactly one year.  At that time, Taylor Bartnick knew she wanted to be healthier and more active, but she wanted help.  She had never lifted and felt lost when she went to the gym alone.  She found Xtra Mile after researching on line and sending an email.

Transforming–Inside and Out

Since joining the gym, she has lost over 50 lbs.  However, that’s not the biggest change she’s seen in herself.  Now, she is confident enough to take chances and try things she otherwise wouldn’t have tried–inside and outside the gym.

Even though Taylor seems quiet at first, she is very outgoing and talkative, and she loves getting to know people, which is part of what she loves about belonging to CrossFit Xtra Mile.  She loves our community and feels that knowing that others believe in her, sometimes more than she does herself, is very motivating.  She feels like the coaches care not only about her performance but also about how she is doing outside of the gym.

If Taylor is not at the gym, she is either working at a daycare, playing with her puppy, reading, or doing something outside.  She is currently planning to join an EMT program this month and hopes to become a paramedic.

Making Progress

When Taylor is working out, her favorite movement is the squat clean because she feels comfortable performing it but it is still challenging.  She also enjoys long WODs that focus on endurance and workouts with prowlers, tire flips, and the barbell.  Her most memorable moment in the gym so far has been getting her Toes to Bar.  When she started, she could barely even kip, so she is proud of herself for doing something that seemed impossible.

A Fantastic Attitude

Taylor was nominated by her coaches for many reasons.  One of them being her attitude of trying anything, like the toes to bar, for instance.   Anytime a coach pushes Taylor to try something new or coaches her on technique, she tries it eagerly.  Another reason she is deserving of this award is the tremendous transformation she has made in herself in the year she has been with us.

As she noted, it hasn’t just been physical, although the physical changes she has made are impressive. Taylor has also blossomed as a person. She is always friendly, is a great supporter of other athletes, and goes out of her way to make the gym awesome.  We could not be more thrilled that she is the CrossFit Xtra Mile August Spirit Award winner.  Way to go, Taylor!  We are so proud of you!

August Spirit Award Winner–CFXM Central: Lena Dyer

When the CrossFit Xtra Mile–Central coaches were asked how often Lena Dyer showed up to the gym committed to CrossFit, the response was, “Every dang day!!!”  This is only one of the many reasons Lena has earned the August Spirit Award.  Lena uses every workout to learn and get better.  She has caught on to CrossFit quickly–only doing it for the last year and only joining Central last November.

Always Improving

In class, Lena will ask questions if she doesn’t know something, and she loves feedback that helps her learn and get better every day.  Additionally, she never gives up on anything.   Coach Rachel described the day that Lena was working with stones and wanted to pick up the RX stone.  At first, it wouldn’t budge, but she kept her mechanics sound and kept trying.  Finally, she was able to stand it up.

In class, Lena is always smiling and always cheering her fellow athletes on, even in the middle of a WOD.  Lena’s positive, fun, and quirky attitude shines through and did especially in her answers for this article.  For example, she pointed out that most people might not know that she hosted a late night radio show in college and once got fan mail from prison.  She also noted that winning the Spirit Award was almost as exciting as the time she won a Nintendo Wii in a raffle.

Fun-loving Outside the Gym

Outside of the gym, she is a marketing coordinator for an engineering firm in Clayton.  She enjoys going out with friends to places like Urban Chestnut or Narwhal’s, watching netflix–especially Parks and Rec or 30 Rock for the millionth time–, listening to pod casts, and cooking.  Chicken Parmesan is her signature dish.

When Lena is at the gym, she loves back squatting.  She says this is because she was a catcher in college, so the movement is right in her wheelhouse.   She also loves super long WODs, like the Tripple 3s and Murph, which is her favorite all-time WOD.  In fact, her most memorable moment involves Murph. She was convinced that she wouldn’t be able to finish the workout without scaling the rep scheme, but she did and in a much faster time than she expected!

Love for Central

Lena has loved being a part of CrossFit Xtra Mile–Central and feels that both the coaches and fellow athletes are very good about supporting each other during WODs and as athletes reach for goals.

Those of us as CrossFit Xtra Mile–Central love that Lena is a part of the gym and are super stoked that she has been named Spirit Award Winner.  Great Job, Lena!  You deserve it!!