Bootcamp by Xtra Mile

Corporate Program

Our goal at Bootcamp by Xtra Mile is to help companies provide their employees with options to improve their overall physical and mental health.  Employees that are physically fit and active have less sick days and are proven to be more productive in the workplace. Employees that are healthier also help companies lower their insurance premiums and save money during a time when healthcare costs are constantly increasing.

Xtra Mile prides itself in helping athletes understand each movement and perform them properly and safely. During every workout, athletes are coached by a highly-qualified, passionate coach to make sure they are moving safely and having fun.  Our program also works on improving the mobility of everyone we work with to avoid injury and elevate the way they function in everyday life, including the workplace.


“Xtra Mile provided our company with exactly the type of program we were looking for.  The coaches were outgoing and encouraging, and the workout was challenging but do able for everyone.  At our event they emphasized teamwork, and mixed employees from different departments.  It was a great way to build relationships, and teach employees what they are capable of physically.  We will always use Xtra Mile for our employees health and fitness programs.” — Wellness director for a local Fortune 500 Company

Company Discounts

Employees who work at companies that set up a company discount program with CrossFit Xtra Mile will receive 10% off their monthly membership, good at all Xtra Mile locations.  A company must have 5 employees join Xtra Mile gyms in order to qualify for this discount, and there is no limit to how many employees can qualify for this discount.


On Site Bootcamp Classes

Bootcamp by Xtra Mile partners with companies to provide weekly on-site workouts for employees. Our program has experience working in many different-sized spaces and environments and will maximize whatever space companies have available.

A Bootcamp session consists of a series of 10 forty-five minute workouts completed over the course of either 5 or 10 weeks.  A minimum number of 15 participants must register in order for the program to take place, and it is only $100 per participant. Xtra Mile works with each company individually to design a program that provides the most for their employees and helps both the company and individual employees work towards health-related goals. Companies can set up workout times before or after work or during lunch breaks.

Corporate Events

Bootcamp by Xtra Mile offers special events for companies of all different sizes.  We can work with your company at hotels or event spaces for conferences, on site if you are looking for a convenient wellness event, or at one of our locations. These events are run by a certified coach and will challenge your employees both physically and mentally.  We handle all the planning, set up, and provide any equipment that is needed. We also work with each company individually to design an event based off the desired goals of the company.  We will work with you to create a unique event perfectly suited to your company’s needs.  No matter your size, we look forward to working with you very soon.

0-50 people: $400 per session

51-100 people: $600 per session

101 – 150 people: $800 per session

151+ people: $1000 per session

“I cannot begin to put into words the impact that Bootcamp by CrossFit Xtra Mile has made on UniGroup and its employees. Not only have a group of employees come together to share a common goal of improving their health, strength, fitness, but friendships have flourished between employees across all divisions of the company. The instructors and staff have been nothing but wonderful and encouraging to all class members. Personally, participating in Bootcamp class is a large highlight to my work week.  I couldn’t imagine spending my lunch hour on Monday’s and Wednesday’s anywhere else or with anyone else” – UniGroup Wellness Director, Jordan Weber