July Spirit Award Winners

July Spirit Award Winner–CFXM Central

Clay Steinbach, the July Spirit Award winner for CrossFit Xtra Mile–Central, has been a part of our gym family since November. He found his way to CrossFit through his fiance, Elizabeth Aulbach, who is also a spirit award winner.

Clay is a machinist who likes to BBQ, work on construction projects at home, and do home WODs when he is not at the gym.

Clay in the Gym

In the gym, his favorite movements are any strength movements, as long as they are not over the head. When Clay is at CrossFit Xtra Mile–Central, he tries to put forth as much effort as he can in every workout, even when he is tired. He loves that his fellow members push him and that they see him trying to do his best.

Over his time at CrossFit Xtra Mile–Central, Clay feels that has stamina has improved. He also has seen his overhead movements evolve, getting cleaner and smoother all the time.

Positive Qualities

Clay’s coaches love his dedication to the gym. Coach Rachel points out that Clay drives long hours to work but still finds a way to make it to the gym almost daily. When he is in the gym, he is very welcoming to new and current members. Clay is a super positive person the nd takes time to let people know when they are doing well.

Being Coachable

He also works hard to improve his overhead movements and is receptive to coaching, which is a key to growth. Additionally, he never backs down from a workout, even if it has a movement that might be difficult for him. Clay  never lets previous injuries or current struggles stop him from working towards his goals. His most positive qualities in the gym are that he is friendly, compassionate, and dedicated to change.

Throwing it Down

Members from both gyms were able to see Clay in action when he was partnered with Lena Dyer, another Central member, at our most recent Spring Throwdown. Clay never backed down in a single workout and even took coaching right in the middle of a WOD. Lena and Clay made great adjustments and finished strong. It was awesome to see Clay push so hard in the competitive arena.

What is awesome about Clay is that he pushes that way on a daily basis in the gym. If you have a chance, drop into an evening class at Central and catch a workout with Clay.

Congratulations Clay! We love that you are a part of our Xtra Mile family!

July Spirit Award Winner–CFXM Fenton

This month’s Spirit Award winner found CrossFit Xtra Mile through her daughter and son-in-law Josh and Mandy Campbell. Diane Van Velkenburgh explains that they talked so highly of the gym and of all the people that she was intrigued. Now, she says that she has never seen a better group of people and coaches. Diane loves the encouragement during the WODs, which keeps her pushing. She also loves to watch other athletes, especially their dedication, enthusiasm, and support for each other.

Constant Improvement

One of her favorite moments in the gym was getting her first ever rope climb. Most days, she concentrates on working hard keeping things in perspective because her body just doesn’t work the way younger people’s do. However, she knows that she has gotten stronger and her endurance level has risen. She attributes this to the coaches and other athletes who push her to do the best she can.

It’s Never too Late to Try Something New

At 60 years old, Diane is one of our more seasoned members, and she has been with the gym for just about 9 months. She loves how every day she comes to the gym the workout is different. She really doesn’t have a favorite movement or workout, but she can say for sure that she doesn’t like prowlers. When a workout is getting hard and she feels herself starting to struggle, she looks up at the picture of Murph on the wall and thinks about what he went through. She tells herself she can get through the WOD.

A Great Attitude

This attitude of perseverance is one of the many characteristics that makes Diane deserving of the Spirit Award.  She is fearless and will try almost anything.  Diane never lets the age on her driver’s license determine her attitude and performance in the gym.  She pushes hard every single workout and has great endurance and tenacity.   She is also super friendly and encouraging to everyone in the class.

Outside the Gym

When Diane is not at the gym, she is helping her husband run their family business, watching, sports, or reading.  On the weekends, she is probably at their lake house with family and friends.

If you get a chance to work out with Diane, you may feel as Coach Mel does.  Diane is her life role model for aging well.    Be sure to drop into a 6:30am class one of these days to see Diane in action!

Congratulations Diane!  We are so thrilled to have you as a part of the Xtra Mile family!