October Mobility Tip with Coach Tina

This month, Tina brings us a mobility tip that will help us open up the thoracic spine through rotation and deep breathing.  The thoracic spine is your mid and upper-back region.  It is connected to your cervical spine (neck) and extends down about five inches past your shoulders where it connects to your lumbar spine (low back).

Thoracic Mobility Matters

Thoracic mobility matters because it is the key to good posture, which will help avoid back problems due to poor posture.  Additionally, thoracic mobility allows us to keep good form during athletic activities and avoid back injury.


The Starting Position

For this exercise, you will make your way to the floor.  Lay on one hip.  You will bend the knee on your top leg and draw your knee into your belly.  Try to get your knee to 90 degrees or even higher.

Breathe Deeply

Your back hand will grab the foot on your bottom leg, which will be bent at the knee with your foot pulling into your back.  Your front hand will grab the top of your top knee and press down.    At this point, take a deep breath.  As you exhale slowly, work your back shoulder towards the floor.

Reset, reposition, and take another breath.  Lower your back shoulder towards the floor.  Do this for 6 to 8 breaths on each side.

You can see a visual demonstration of this stretch on our youtube channel here.  Be sure to work this thoracic rotation exercise into your daily mobility routine today!