October Spirit Award Winners

Fenton October Spirit Award Winner –Chris Nuelle and Cindy Marten

For the Spirit Award for the month of October, we are featuring two pairs of athletes who represent the values that the CrossFit Xtra Mile family of gyms stand for.  Our Fenton athletes are Cindy Marten and Chris Nuelle.

A Fit Family

Chris and Cindy have been with CrossFit Xtra Mile just shy of three years.  They are married and have a blended family of six kids in total.  Cindy’s daughter, Izzy, attended our Youth Level 2 program and is currently playing golf for Drury University in Springfield.  Chris’s son, Ashten, just joined our Youth Level 1 program, so you could say CrossFit is definitely a family activity for these two!

Finding the Gym

Cindy made her way to Xtra Mile when Jenn Carcagno brought her to a Bring-A-Friend workout.  She loved the variety and intensity of the workout.  Now, her favorite movement is handstand pushups.  Over time, she has grown to enjoy lifting weights, and one of her most memorable moments in the gym was deadlifting over 200 lbs–finally.

Chris, on the other hand, found the gym because Cindy signed him up for his birthday.  He fell in love with it, just like she did, and loves the fact that CrossFit is a Sport–not just exercise.  His favorite move in the gym is cleans, and he is thrilled that he has gained upper body strength since joining the gym.  His most memorable moment from CrossFit is getting his kipping pullups.

CrossFitting it all In

Chris and Cindy were nominated for the Spirit Award because they represent what CrossFit Xtra Mile is all about–Fitness AND Family.  They demonstrate that you can have a busy life, lots of kids and responsibilities, and still find time for the gym, including gym events and competitions.

Cindy was also nominated as a Spirit Award winner by her coaches because of her willingness to push herself, especially in terms of competing.  She pushes herself outside of her comfort zone in workouts on a daily basis, especially when it comes to the barbell.

Chris was also nominated as a Spirit Award winner because of his fantastic, coachable attitude.  He has more than one movement limitation and has been injured off and on through his time in the gym, but that doesn’t stop him from always working hard and taking direction.

Proud to be a Part of the Xtra Mile Family

Cindy is thrilled to be a Spirit Award winner and thinks it is awesome to be recognized when there are so many determined and motivating athletes.  She also loves that each member of the gym is a unique individual who adds so much to the gym.

She describes CrossFit Xtra Mile as a family who looks after one another and provides support on so many more levels than just exercise.

Chris also loves the CrossFit Xtra Mile community, describing it as awesome, supportive, and fun to be around.  He encourages anyone who wants to give the gym a try to get going and never give up.  Just keep plugging away.

Together, Chris and Cindy are a couple who represent the family aspect of the gym in everything they do!  They are both friendly, hardworking, and great fun to be around. We are so thrilled they were nominated as the October Spirit Award Winners!  If you get a chance, drop in to a 6:30am class and tell them congrats!


Central October Spirit Award Winner–Justin Davis and Brendan Davis

For our CrossFit Xtra Mile–Central October Spirit Award Winners, the coaches have nominated Justin and Brendan Davis.  These two brothers are newer additions to the Central family, and they have done an excellent job of representing what the CrossFit Xtra Mile gyms are all about!

Meet Brendan

Brendan Davis works in sales and business development and enjoys golfing, watching Mizzou sports, and hanging out with his dog, Chicharito, and his girlfriend, Caitlyn.  He also builds houses in and around the Webster/Kirkwood/Brentwood area.

Brendan has been CrossFitting for about three years total–two in college and one recently.  He got back into CrossFit after finding Central, which is down the street from where he lives.  He was looking to change up his routine and ended up becoming a part of the Central family.

Improving Over Time

Over his time at the gym, Brendan feels his lifting form has really improved.  He also really enjoys back squatting.  His most memorable workout at Central was when he first started.  It had around 300 situps and some rowing.  He thought he was going to throw up, but he made it through.  That was just his first taste of being a part of the Central community, and he has found everyone to be friendly and helpful.

Meet Justin

Brendan’s brother, Justin, has been nominated with him.  We love that the two brothers share their love of CrossFit, and for us here at Xtra Mile, family is what it is all about.   In fact, Justin got back into CrossFit at CFXM Central in part because he wanted to CrossFit with his brother.  He had belonged to Vigor CrossFit in Dayton while in college for a couple of years but got back into CrossFit at Central about 8 months ago.

Fun Inside and Oustide the Gym

When in the gym, his favorite movement is cleans, and he says it has been awesome being a part of the gym and getting to know everyone.  In fact, his favorite gym memory is actually the kickball tournament the two gyms held at Tilles park last month.  Justin had a lot of fun hanging out with everyone outside of the gym and getting to know them more.

He feels that the Xtra Mile community is a bunch of fun-loving people who are super welcoming and close-knit.  He says that it feels great to be nominated as a spirit award winner!

Hard Work Pays Off

Brendan and Justin were nominated to be spirit award winners because their coaches admire how they show up every day and work their butts off.  Both of them are also very coachable.  Both of the brothers are great listeners and are always willing to give the coaches’ suggestions a try.

Positive Attitudes

Another thing the coaches like about Brendan and Justin is that they never have a negative word to say.  Even when their work is super busy and they are exhausted, they show up with a positive outlook.  Both of them also, seek out coaching and like to know when they aren’t meeting standards so they can adjust.

Their positivity even in face of the impossible is an amazing, intangible quality, and we are very happy the two of them are in St. Louis and got back into CrossFit at CrossFit Xtra Mile–Central!

If you get a chance, drop into an evening class and get your WOD on with the Davis brothers!