CrossFit Xtra Mile’s mission is to provide a supportive community where people of all ages and physical abilities can come together to improve their physical fitness, challenge their individual status quo, and identify and cultivate individual traits and characteristics that will help achieve greater feelings of fulfillment in their personal, professional and spiritual lives.


We began our journey in 2006 under the name “Xtra Mile Sport and Fitness.” We started with a passion for helping young athletes reach their full potential.  At that time, we mostly worked with young athletes who were preparing for their upcoming season or trying to get ready for the college level.

In late 2008, we moved into a local CrossFit gym and began business under the name “Xtra Mile Training.”  Although we still worked with mostly young athletes, we began coaching athletes of all ages.  Our passion grew into a desire to help every individual reach personal and fitness goals.  Our mission to improve the lives of every member who entered our doors.

Then, in January of 2012, we became “CrossFit Xtra Mile” and opened our first location in Fenton, Missouri.  After about 18 months, we expanded the gym from 4,000sq feet to our current space of 11,000sq feet.