Being an Athlete during the Coronavirus

These are unknown times for all of us, and they are disrupting our daily lives. Things like our family schedules, work schedules, and even our fitness schedules are thrown in a state of chaos as we all work to figure out the new “norm” during the Coronavirus shut down.

Many of us go to the gym and use our daily hour of fitness to disconnect and release stress, but now we can find it adding to our stress. Our gyms are closed, we are told not to interact with people outside of our family, and most of us do not have any equipment at home. We are concerned about losing all the progress we have made, and falling off track with our goals.

What to Focus on During the Coronavirus

First off, take a deep breath! The Coronavirus shutdown is a short disruption and you are not going to lose anything. It has been a journey that took years to get where we are now, you will not lose that over the course of 1-2 months. Also, we are on a lifelong journey to better health and optimal fitness. Think of this as a detour on that journey to allow us to experiment and have fun with our workouts.

Make your Workout a Family Event

Make your workouts a family routine and do not take them so seriously. Remember we are not going for a PR, we are using fitness as our daily outlet to step away from everyday life. I challenge you to grab your significant other, your kids, your roommate, or whoever is in your house with you, and hit your next workout with them. Take time to cheer each other on and laugh a little bit. Take this time to live in the moment and appreciate those around you!

Focus on your Diet

Do not beat yourself up if you are not perfect on your diet. Remember we are on a journey and we are in unusual times. However, this does not mean we should throw away everything when it comes to eating properly and good nutrition. It does mean that when you and the family sit down for a movie or game night, and you have some popcorn or a cold brewski, don’t beat yourself up. Value the time with others, manage the treats you give yourself, and stay on track the other 80% of the time. Remember it’s a journey, and this is a short detour we are managing!

Attack a Weakness

Finally, break out of your bubble during this time. Do you hate to run and always skip workouts with running? Now is the time to take a day and go running! Do you always neglect mobility and proper recovery? Awesome! Let’s make that our focus for a couple weeks. We all have those things we avoid or neglect, now is the time to hit them and enjoy the process of stepping out of your bubble. Do you have a bike you have not ridden in years? Air up those tires and go out for some personal time on the bike. 

We are all experiencing this journey together, and I would be lying if I said I knew what was to come, but what I do know is that we can make the most of what we can control. We can enjoy the process, and in return enjoy life even when times are tough like now.

I hope that you are able to implement these in your current routine and I invite you to join the Xtra Mile team on Instagram for live workouts you can do at home with your family!