May Spirit Award Winners

Each month the CrossFit Xtra Mile coaches nominate an athlete from each gym as the monthly Spirit Award Winner. At the end of the year, members from each gym will vote for the yearly winner of the Clayton Pfeiffer Spirit Award who best represents the character and qualities of Clayton Pfeiffer, a young Xtra Mile athlete lost to us much too young. Clayton was a college baseball player and a gym junkie. He was not the biggest athlete, but he would not be outworked, and he had a kind and fun personality. At the CrossFit Xtra Mile gyms, coaches are constantly on the lookout for athletes that honor Clay’s memory.

April Spirit Award Winner–CFXM Central

Our May Spirit Award Winners for CrossFit Xtra Mile–Central have been best friends–and husband and wife for almost 38 years.  Tyler calls Maria “Sweets,”  and Maria still laughs at Tylers dumb jokes after all this time.

More Than Just a Cute Couple

As you can tell, calling them a cute couple is an understatement.  Their coaches say that they are the gym’s mom and dad and that everyone loves being in class with them.  On top of their awesome personalities, they always come to class ready to learn and get better and never complain.

You’ll love it, Mom

Tyler and Maria were drawn to Central by their Son, Clay, and daughter-in-law, Elizabeth.  Clay kept telling Maria that she would love the gym.  He was right.  Maria loves the people, how the workouts are planned out, and anything Cardio.  She has loved climbing the rope and getting some toes-to-bar.  For her, CrossFit has helped her strength improve, especially in her upper body.

Turning Back the Clock

Tyler also loves the people and how CrossFit gives him a chance to turn back the clock every day through exercising with younger people.  His favorite movements would be box jumps and squats–if he didn’t have artificial joints.  Tyler likes how much his flexibility has improved.  Now he can touch his toes without pulling a hamstring.

A Cast of Characters

Tyler has had many memorable moments in the gym, including Rachel putting his name on the board as “Dad,”  Amber’s 125-decibel belch, and Tiffany teaching him to use colorful language.  Maria has really enjoyed these types of moments and the full cast of characters and coaches she’s met at Central.

Outside the Gym

When they are not at the gym, Maria has the privilege of taking care of her 4 grandchildren during the day, and Tyler is a Senior Director for Oppenheimer and Co. Inc.  When they aren’t working or at the gym, they love hanging out with their children and grandchildren.

Tyler also likes to work on projects around the house, and he loves all kinds of tools.  Maria, when she was younger, traveled the world playing tennis.  She still loves playing tennis or anything out of doors, along with cooking and baking.

You can usually find Tyler and Maria working out together in the 5:30 pm Central class.  Be sure to hit a class with them and just enjoy being around this sweet couple.  Congratulations Tyler and Maria!  We are thrilled Clay talked you into trying CrossFit

April Spirit Award Winner–CFXM Fenton

The May CrossFit Xtra Mile Spirit Award Winner has been CrossFitting for over 5 years and will celebrate the big 5-0 this year!  Even though Tammy is one of our “seasoned” athletes and works two jobs–she is a real estate agent and an executive assistant–she attends consistently.

Getting Stronger

Tammy originally found CrossFit Xtra Mile through her friend Keely Bullard and her neighbor Rob Nahorski.  Over her time at the gym, Tammy has noticed that she has more energy and has gotten stronger.  She loves waking up in the morning and getting her day started with a workout.

That Family Feeling

Her favorite workout is called Filthy 50, and she loves being a part of the Xtra Mile Community.  She loves that it has a family feeling and that no one ever judges her, only encourages her.  One of her favorite gym memories is competing in her first throwdown.  Before the competition, she thought there was no way she could do it, but with the help of her partner–the awesome Coach Shirin–she did!

She encourages new members to stick with it and not be discouraged.  She reminds new athletes to remember there are many ways to scale movements and get a great workout.

Stick With It

Tammy’s attitude about scaling is one of the reasons her coaches nominated her for this award.  Tammy never gives up on a workout, and she is more than willing to always find a way to get it done, even if something is outside her comfort zone.   Tammy is also an extremely welcoming and friendly member, taking new members under her wing during the 5:30 am class.

Outside of the gym, Tammy loves to hang out with family and friends.  She enjoys trying new places to eat and going to music festivals.

Be sure to set that alarm extra early and come it a 5:30 am class with Tammy.  She assures you it will start your day off right!  Congratulations, Tammy, we are so happy you are a part of our gym family!