Monthly Mobility Tip with Coach Tina–Give Your Forearms Some Love

This month, Coach Tina is helping us focus on an often-neglected body part–the forearms.  Our forearms can get lots of use through pulling movements in workouts, any movement involving grip, and in general everyday life, especially since the forearm muscles interact with the wrist and hand muscles, which can sustain heavy use if your job involves writing or typing.

Consistency and Repetition

Today’s stretches can be done on the floor, a tabletop, or a bench.   Both of them should be done about 2-3 times a day for about 1-2 minutes each arm.  Consistency and repetition of these stretches will assist you in improving your range of motion and mobility of your forearms.

Stretching the Extensor Group

The first stretch involves the extensor group of muscles on the top of your forearm.  In order to begin the stretch, place the back of your hand flat against the box or another surface.  Focus on keeping your hand as flat against the box as possible.  If you want, you can use your opposite hand to hold the other hand flat against the box.  Place the opposite fist in the palm of the hand against the box.

Biceps Facing Forward

At this point, check your bicep positioning.  Your bicep should be rotated forward.  You will know it is rotated forward correctly if your elbow pit is also facing forward.  If you are able to maintain this position easily, you can increase the impact of the stretch by leaning backward.  Be sure not to let the hand on the box lift up at all.   As you are holding the stretch, you can also work on rotation by working to drive the bicep even farther forward.

Palm Down, Fingers Facing You

For the second stretch, the palm of the hand will be facing down against the box, and your fingers will be facing you.   Try to get your palm as flat to the box as you can.  As with our first stretch, make sure the bicep is fully rotated forward and the elbow is straight.  From this position, lean backward into the stretch.  Most people find it a little easier to keep the bicep forward in this stretch than in the first one.

Bend the Elbow

You can further this stretch by then bending the elbow.  The back portion of the palm will come off the box, but you will work to press it back down, which will allow you to feel the stretch into your palm.  You can hold this position as well.

Remember, consistency and repetition will help you achieve results!  For the video version of this blog entry, see Coach Tina’s youtube post here.