Monthly Spirit Award Winner: March

The Monthly Spirit Awards

Each month the CrossFit Xtra Mile coaches nominate an athlete from each gym as the monthly Spirit Award Winner. At the end of the year, members from each gym will vote for the yearly winner of the Clayton Pfeiffer Spirit Award who best represents the character and qualities of Clayton Pfeiffer, a young Xtra Mile athlete lost to us much too young. Clayton was a college baseball player and a gym junkie. He was not the biggest athlete, but he would not be outworked, and he had a kind and fun personality. At the CrossFit Xtra Mile gyms, coaches are constantly on the lookout for athletes that honor Clay’s memory.

CFXM–Central Winner: Ante Colic

Ante Colic, our Central Gyms’ winner of the March Spirit Award, is a Network Engineer and earned a Black Belt in Shito-ryu Karate back in his single days. These days, he enjoys spending time being a father and husband.

On a Quest

Ante found CrossFit Xtra Mile on his quest to get health and to be more active for his family.  He feels CrossFit motivates him to better and achieve personal records he never imagined.  He is most motivated by challenging WODs and having great instruction.  Over his 10 Months at CrossFit Xtra Mile Central, Ante has gained strength and muscle and is living a more active and healthy lifestyle.

More than a Workout

Many of Ante’s favorite gym memories come outside of the gym, and that is a testament to our awesome community.  He loves the BBQs, Trunk-or-Treat, and Christmas Party.  He enjoys the chance to get to know people outside of the gym, especially those that might go at a different time or gym than him.

He does have one funny memory from class, though.  Once summer morning when Corey was coaching the 5:30am class, a drunk guy walked in.  When Corey asked the man if he could help him, the guy just sat on a bench for a while and then left.  Ante guesses he was just trying to cool off from the hot weather.

CrossFit is for You, too!

If you are new to CrossFit or trying to decide if it is for you, Ante wants you to know that it is for you.  If you struggle to motivate yourself to workout or if you like to lift heavy things, he says CrossFit is for you.  He knows the coaches at the Xtra Mile gyms will help you in every way possible to achieve your goals.  He knows there are other CrossFit gyms out there, but the Xtra Mile gyms stand out to him because they have an engaging community and stellar coaches.

A Worth Winner

As you can see, Ante has an awesome attitude!  He is friendly, positive, and quick to give out compliments.  And this is only part of why his coaches nominated him for the spirit award.  He gives 100% no matter what, and even if he is injured, he finds a way to modify and exercise in a safe and healthy way.  Ante has made huge improvements in every area since coming out of the New You Program.  He is never afraid to try something new, including our latest Nutrition Challenge.  He is also very welcoming to other members, and they notice when he misses class, which is not very often at all!

If you haven’t had a chance to work out with Ante, make sure to hit a 5:30am class at Central and find out how truly cool he is!  Congratulations, Ante!  We are so glad you found the CrossFit Xtra Mile Family!

CFXM–Fenton Winner: Morgen Anderson

This month’s Spirit Award winner at CFXM–Fenton is not even out of high school yet and is already a dedicated CrossFitter!  Morgen Anderson is 16 years old and a junior at Northwest High School.

All in the Family

Morgen has been working out at CrossFit Xtra Mile for just under a year.  He and his brother started in our Youth Level 1 program and are both currently members of our Youth Level 2.  Morgen’s main goal in CrossFit is to live a healthier life.  Not only has he been working hard in the gym, he has been transforming the way he eats as well.

Exceeding Expectations

Since he has been CrossFitting, Morgen has noticed that he has more overall strength and energy in and out of the gym.  When he is at the gym, his favorite moves are deadlift and bench press.  One of his best memories at Xtra Mile was exceeding his expectations for his PR on bench press.  He enjoys the community at Xtra Mile also and finds it encouraging and motivating.

A Hard Worker

Morgen’s coaches find him very pleasant to have in class.  It is almost impossible to put his progress into words.  When he first joined us, he had not been doing much physical activity.  To see how hard he works, espcially on dreaded cardio movements, and to see him lift more and more weight with good form has been extremely rewarding.


Morgen may not be much of a talker, but he is willing to do anything he is asked.  He is extremely coachable and never gives up, even on movements that might not be his favorite, like walking lunges.  Another great characteristic Morgen displays is he shows up every day with the same positive attitude and consistently puts in work. He never has a negative thing to say, never complains, and is always there and ready to go.

A History Buff

When Morgen is not at the gym, you might find him at school, where his favorite subject is History, especially politics and Civil War-related topics.  He also is a huge football fan and tries to learn everything he can about the sport.  In his free time, he likes to fish and go camping with his family.

If you are ever at CrossFit Xtra Mile for the 4:30 class, be sure to walk over to YOuth Level 2 and congratulate Morgen on just being awesome!  Morgen, we are so proud of how far you have come and can’t wait to see how far you go!