Online Programming

Online Programming

CrossFit Xtra Mile’s program is among the best in the business. Having over 10 years of programming experience we can assure you our programming can help you reach your fitness goals. We offer numerous online programs including:

  • CrossFit
  • Competitive Olympic Weightlifting
  • Competitive CrossFit
  • High Intensity Sweat

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CrossFit Online Programming

All great fitness starts with GPP programming, or General Physical Preparedness. Our CrossFit programming is designed to help you achieve the highest quality of life. With constantly varied functional workouts, we will have you running, jumping, throwing, pushing, and preparing for all movements common in everyday life. Our CrossFit program is offered 6 days a week and often times includes a strength/skill component as well as your Workout of the Day!

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Athletes performing box jumps.
Coach Devin teaching an athlete.

Olympic Weightlifting Online Programming

XM Weightlifting’s online programming is designed for you to achieve proficiency in the Snatch and Clean Jerk. This program, offered 5 days a week, is written by Devin Mundy, a national champion with Lindenwood University. This programming will not only have you focusing on technique work but also building strength to achieve the max lifts you have always wanted to.

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Competitive CrossFit Programming

Xtra Mile’s Competitive CrossFit program is like nothing you have experienced before. It starts with your standard GPP programing and then builds on it with multiple accessory workouts. Geared towards the CrossFit Open, this program takes a classic strength and conditioning approach to building strength year-round, then builds capacity to peak for the CrossFit Open. If you are ready to take your training to the next level, then XM Competitors is right for you.

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Athlete working out during a community event.
Athletes performing sit-ups.

High Intensity Sweat

XM Sweat is Xtra Mile’s answer to high-intensity bootcamp workouts. While some people enjoy the technical barbell movements and skills found in CrossFit, others prefer to get moving and sweating for as fast and as long as possible. Our XM Sweat programming will leave you lying in a pile of sweat and satisfaction after each workout. We strip out the complex movements and have you busting your tail for the next 30 minutes.

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