CrossFit Xtra Mile Changes Lives

CrossFit Xtra Mile’s mission is to provide a supportive community where people of all ages and physical abilities can come together to improve their physical fitness, challenge their individual status quo, and identify and cultivate individual traits and characteristics that will help achieve greater feelings of fulfillment in their personal, professional and spiritual lives.

Sal Carcagno

What Sal’s mom, Jennifer Carcagno, has to say about the CrossFit Xtra Mile Youth Program

“As a young athlete just starting high school, CrossFit has given Sal the tools he needs to be successful on the playing field. He is physically stronger and mentally tougher to take his sport to this next level. His confidence has soared in athletics and in his everyday life.  The coaches at CrossFit Xtra Mile have encouraged him to push himself and work hard not just in sports but also in school.”

Jim Summers

“I was 315lbs. in 2010, now 210lbs. I started Paleo first which is unusual, then found CrossFit. I was an insulin dependent diabetic on a pump for 15 years. I had two heart attacks, the first when I was 35 then another at age 48. I now take “zero” medications only diet, supplements and CrossFit. I lost 10″ around my waist and lost 4″ diameter on my head. “Really crazy”. When I started CrossFit I couldn’t do a squat without a chair to sit back on, pushups could only be done standing on the bar, it took me a month to learn a wall ball clean, but I never missed a session. It’s the only real exercise program in my adult life that I have stayed with and enjoy to this day.”

Peter Fletcher

“I am so thankful to have come across CrossFit Xtra Mile when I did. I’ve never been athletic, and I’ve struggled with my weight and self esteem for my entire life. When I came to Xtra Mile, I was almost 40 lbs. overweight. Even worse, I had slumped into really toxic habits. I typically start work between 3 – 5am in the morning, and I had gotten into the daily pattern of eat crap, work, eat crap, sleep, watch TV, eat crap, sleep, work, etc. Family and friends worried I was depressed. I would try working out at a 24-hour gym or signing up for runs and would bail.”

“Since I started CrossFit over three years ago I’ve noticed a lot of positive changes in regards to my body and my mind (for the first time in my life, I feel like I have physical and mental strength), but that is not the most important change I’ve noticed. The greatest difference between the Peter in the before picture vs. the new Peter is that I now have a slew of incredible people that inspire, accept, and push me to do things I’ve never thought possible. That’s the amazing part about Xtra Mile – yes, CrossFit is fun and challenging; however, its the people that have given me the fire to continue the sport. I think the people and the coaches are awesome – everyone pushes me, and has shown me that my biggest competition is the person that I was yesterday. I know I sound like a broken record, but its a huge blessing to know the people here. So far, my favorite memories at CrossFit have been watching my friends flourish/become better versions of themselves in the same environment that I love. I’ve also been counted on as part of a team, and that feeling has been pretty awesome.”

Jennifer Martin

“I’ve lost 4 pant sizes, 6 shirt sizes, and 70 pounds.  And never once did I feel out of place or feel like I shouldn’t be here.”

Kay Morgan

“CrossFit is a sport that is ever-changing and pushing you to prove it wrong. You get mad when it knocks you down, and overjoyed when you kick its ass. It challenges you more than you could have ever expected, and humbles you faster than anything else. I couldn’t ask for a better place to start my CrossFit journey, and better people to start it with. Thank you Corey, Cory, Eric, Team Schwab, and everyone else at Xtra Mile for being my rock for the past year. I owe you a lot of happiness!”

Josh Campbell

“Since joining CrossFit Xtra Mile, I have made lots of changes in my lifestyle, from working out properly, staying mobile, eating right, and finding a routine that fits me. One thing that really keeps me motivated is maintaining a healthy lifestyle. When I was 7 my dad passed away. He didn’t really live that healthy of a life, he was 31. Well this May I turned 31, and I want to ensure I am around for my future kids growing up, so they won’t miss out on the things I did growing up. CrossFit Xtra Mile is a huge part of making this possible, as it inspires me to keep going and stay as healthy as possible. Since joining CrossFit Xtra Mile, I have gotten stronger, in better shape, started eating healthier, and found a healthy lifestyle that works for me. This regimen will keep me in the gym and keep me healthy so I can achieve that goal of living a long healthy life with my wife and future kids. I can’t wait to see what else I can accomplish with CrossFit Xtra Mile.”

James Allen

“Since Feb 2, 2012 I have lost 70 pounds. I have gone from a 40″ waist to a 32″ in some jeans and a 3X t-shirt to a Large with room to move. I know that if I would have done nothing I would be 300 plus pounds by now. My wife Wendy has joined this journey with me. I can say I have already seen a huge difference in her. Thank you to Corey Lewis for first pushing me through the on ramps and turning out to be one of the coolest, nicest guys I’ve met. Cory Buerck for never letting me give up on myself in class. Eric Schaetty, you came in later in my journey, but have also given me a lot of knowledge and encouragement. You’ve been doing an amazing job with my wife pushing her and helping her realize her strength.”

Jennifer Carcagno

“My time at XtraMile has been fabulous.  I started out barely being able to lift the bar to PR’ing on a regular basis.  I got my first rope climb, my first double under, my first handstand—all while being encouraged by the awesome coaches. CrossFit has taught me to not give up when things get tough and shown me that I do have strengths but that I am not afraid to tackle my weaknesses.”

Ryan Hogan

“I am now over 3 years into my journey with CrossFit Xtra Mile.  I’ve lost over 70 pounds, and am in the best shape of life.  I am able to do things daily I couldn’t of Imagined doing 3 years ago, and I owe it to taking a chance and walking in the door that morning at CrossFit Xtra Mile, and letting Corey and the rest of the amazing trainers take it from there.  All I had to do was show up and do what I was told.”

Christy Hempen

“As far as exercise, I have tried so many things. I get bored doing the typical weight lifting regiment…leg day, arm & shoulders day, etc. I went to various fitness classes and we did the same exercises almost every time. I knew I needed something new and challenging in order to stick with a regular exercise program. In October 2013, I started Crossfit Xtra Mile…& haven’t looked back! They definitely motivate me to stay persistent! It’s a great mix of mobility, cardio, gymnastic skills, & weight lifting. Every class is different so I never get bored with it. I have gained unexpected strength, muscle, & overall confidence since starting. It empowers me & helps to try new things (even in life) without questioning if I can do it. Crossfit is one of the things in my life that makes me feel worth something!”

Joelle Gibson

“When I started at CrossFit Xtra Mile I was smoking a pack of cigarettes per day, as I had for the last 15 years, and I hadn’t been to the gym in well over 6 months. I decided to quit smoking and take control of my life. Initially, I wanted to quit CFXM. It was hard and I was exhausted, but with the support and encouragement of the Xtra Mile community, I kept moving forward. Every day was a new challenge and a new PR. I also believe I would not have quit smoking, and continued to stay quit, if it weren’t for my involvement at Xtra Mile. I truly believe I was headed down a path which lead to COPD and Type II Diabetes, but because of the support and   nature of the CrossFit community, I believe I have been able to stop this downward spiral. I was using an inhaler for exercise induced asthma, but I no longer need to use an inhaler after being smoke free for 3 years and exercising daily. I used to dread running, but I find myself running races outside of Xtra Mile. I thought my days as a competitive athlete were done until I was encouraged by members to enter in CrossFit competitions. Competitive CrossFit is now something I enjoy regularly. Every aspect of my life has seen improvement since starting Xtra Mile.”

“I’ve also been able to connect with my son through CrossFit as he participates in the youth classes. It allows us a way to bond and have something we enjoy together, and I feel like I’m teaching my son how to live a healthy lifestyle.”