Welcome Coach Austin and Coach Danielle!

The CrossFit Xtra Mile family of gyms is excited to announce the addition of Coach Austin Bettigrew and Coach Danielle Macher.  Here’s a little more info about them both to help you get to know them.  If you haven’t already, be sure to introduce yourself to them and make them feel welcome!

Austin Bettigrew

Austin started CrossFit in 2012 –after being dragged into the gym by Coach Danielle! With zero background in any fitness avenue, he patiently learned the technique while quickly falling in love with the methodology. CrossFit became his passion, so he turned his full attention to becoming the best coach possible.

Austin’s coaching opportunities began at CrossFit Springfield, where he originally found CrossFit. After some time, he opened CrossFit Rolla.  Later, he sold this affiliate and moved to Overland Park, Kansas, to become a Lead Coach and Manager of another gym.  Eventually, he moved back to Springfield, where he has spent the last two years coaching. He now plans to bring that passion and wealth of experiences to the CrossFit Xtra Mile family of gyms.

Austin’s main objective in coaching is to help everyone understand the importance of making healthy choices in their lives.  He believes that CrossFit is for everyone, and if athletes are willing to be patient in the process, listen to what coaches are saying, and give their best each time they walk into the gym, the possibilities are endless!

Austin holds the following certifications:

CrossFit Level 1

USA Weightlifting Sports Performance Coach (Level 1)

USA Weightlifting Advanced Performance Coach (Level 2)

AN Weightlifting (Level 1)

Danielle Macher

Danielle found CrossFit in late 2011 after a friend talked her into trying the “Newbie” class at CrossFit Springfield in Springfield, MO.  Little did she know that 60 min introductory class would change her entire life.  She went back the next day and never looked back.

She fell in love with CrossFit instantly.  Before starting CrossFit, she didn’t think girls could do pull-ups or lift weights in the gym.   Danielle immediately became infatuated with the variety in the classes, the coaching, and most importantly, the community.  Danielle was never the most athletic, coordinated, or talented growing up, but the CrossFit community gave her the opportunity to work on those things without worrying what people thought.

After a few years of CrossFit, Danielle began coaching full time and knew there was no other career for her.  In 2015, she started to explore nutrition more deeply.  She knew that just working out wasn’t enough anymore.  She began to dial in her nutrition and noticed changes in her sleep, her skin, her mood, her performance, just about everything. Much like when she discovered CrossFit, she began to study as much as she could, eventually becoming Precision Nutrition Certified.

Whether it’s helping someone get their first box jump, or refining their nutrition, Danielle truly believes that there is nothing more gratifying than helping someone become healthier, stronger, and more confident. She is eternally grateful to the CrossFit community for the opportunity to help motivate people to change their lives for the better every day.

Welcome Coach Austin and Coach Danielle!  We are so glad to have you as a part of our gym family!