Why Crossfit Xtra Mile?

Why choose CrossFit Xtra Mile?

Simple, we’ll help you get in the best shape of your life.

At CrossFit Xtra Mile, we strive to set ourselves apart from any other gym in the area. Every day, we work to give our members an experience that they cannot find anywhere else. We believe in high quality coaching, a strong and supportive community and excellent facilities. All of this leads to members reaching their goals and achieving amazing results.

We teach functional movements – movements you might use in everyday life. For example, picking up a heavy bag of dog food to put in your grocery cart uses the same movement pattern as the deadlift, a movement we work on in our CrossFit classes.

Additionally, the workouts change on a daily basis, which keeps the workouts interesting and forces your body to constantly adapt, growing stronger and more efficient along the way.

You’ll feel better, meet new people, lose weight, get stronger and have a ton of fun doing it. It doesn’t matter who you are or your current fitness level – WE’RE FOR EVERYONE!

Is Xtra Mile Right for Me?

In a word, YES!

At CrossFit Xtra Mile we cater to all fitness levels; from beginner to experienced athlete. Our coaches take out the intimidation factor and help our members achieve the results they’ve always wanted.

You’ll be encouraged by our great coaches and will train harder than you ever have before. We promote a competitive, fun and friendly community that push each other to reach their goals.

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Since I’ve started CrossFit Xtra Mile, there have been so many changes, but I would say what I have noticed the most is simply my ability to move so much better and with more confidence. I have seen muscle growth and a loss of some weight, but more importantly a loss of several inches.  My blood pressure is also back down to normal, and my blood sugar numbers moving down instead of up.

Unlike any other gym experience I have ever been involved with. The support is hard to describe but everyone especially the 6:30 pm group are awesome. However I know that I could come to any class, any time, and get the same support. I have never felt any judgement and that is a testimony to the culture that has been created by all of the coaches and athletes.


Brad B.

Member since 2016

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The Coaches

The Coaches at CrossFit Xtra Mile are experts in their field.  Each coach not only conducts classes at the gym, but works out at the gym.  Each of them has at least three years of experience with CrossFit, is certified in at least one area, and believes passionately in the gym mission.  The coaches go out of their way to create a friendly atmosphere in the gym by being on the gym floor at least fifteen minutes before class and staying after class to engage in conversation.

Additionally, when coaches attend class, they continue to interact with members and ensure a positive experience for all.  Coaches are chosen partially because of their personable natures.  They genuinely enjoy getting to know members and walking alongside them on their fitness journeys.  One of the aspects that members often comment on is how much the coaches at Xtra Mile care about the progress of the members.

The coaches spend considerable time in trainer’s meetings as well, which is only one of the ways they demonstrate their dedication to creating a unique gym experience.  All coaches are taught to run an organized class, and the classes are similar across the board, creating a consistent experience, no matter what time of day a member chooses to come to class.

The Community

The excellent coaching staff at CrossFit Xtra Mile is one of the driving forces behind the strong community that we have built around a common interest–CrossFit.  In many ways, our members are an extension and reflection of our coaches.  They are friendly, motivational, caring, and supportive. Any snapshot of activity in the gym will include a member interacting with another member in a positive, relationship-building way.  This includes helping new members find equipment and understand the flow of class, cheering for someone who is finishing a workout, or even doing the last set of exercises along with another member.  

The sense of community goes outside the bounds of class, however.  Often, what starts as a group of classmates quickly becomes a group of diverse but close friends.  Our members are not just people that workout with each other but people who become life-long friends, often from completely different backgrounds, stages, and walks of life.  It is not unusual for groups of friends to still be hanging out, having fun, and being positive parts of each others’ lives long after class has ended. Moreover, CrossFit Xtra Mile supports this type of relationship-building through gym events such as Barbeques, Ice Skating, and Hooverball tournaments.

The Facility

CrossFit Xtra Mile–Fenton, located just off I-44 in Fenton, offers a large, air conditioned and heated gym space perfect for meeting your fitness needs.  The gym contains over 6,000  square feet of working space filled with a variety of CrossFit and Strongman equipment including 12 lifting stations, over 10 sets of rings, 8 full height ropes, several tires, rowers, sleds, atlas stones, and much, much more.  The gym comes complete with three bathrooms, three water fountains, two full showers, lockers available for rental, cubbies for open storage, and a separate, carpeted lobby complete with an enclosed children’s area.

We are prepared to offer you a fantastic, personalized fitness experience, so come check us out today!

Athletes hugging after a workout
Coach Brad briefing athletes before a workout.