CrossFit WOD Class

The CrossFit WOD class is the core class offered in the CrossFit program at CrossFit Xtra Mile. Whether you are looking to lose weight, get stronger, move better, or hoping to compete in the sport of fitness, you will have the opportunity to reach your goals in these classes. The movements in  CrossFit WOD classes can be modified based on each individuals needs and ability level. Even though the classes are taught in a group setting, each member is able to have his or her individual needs met in order to reach personal goals. This camaraderie of athletes in the CrossFit WOD classes and the motivation from the coaches, along with the class programming and structure, will help you reach goals you never thought possible.

CrossFit group workout class.
Female athlete performing pull-ups

Hero WOD Class

This class is offered at 10am every Sunday and is devoted to workouts that were created in honor of our fallen military members or first responders, who were killed while protecting our freedom. The Hero WOD class consists of a warm up, lift(s) and skill(s) practice, followed by the actual WOD. These workouts bring out the best in our athletes because we will never forget the heroes who made the ultimate sacrifice for our country; therefore, these workouts challenge us and bring out our best as we work to do the memories of our heroes proud.

Movement and Mobility Class

The Movement and Mobility class is a great accessory class to compliment the other classes at CrossFit Xtra Mile. This one hour class is spent helping athletes move better both in the gym and outside the gym. Many athletes have aches and pains that can be contributed to the body not functioning like it is designed to. Improved mobility will get the body back to how it is designed to move.

Group of athletes performing mobility.
Athlete performing kettlebell swings.

Metcon Class

Metcon Class is an express class offered within the CrossFit Program.  This class is held every Tuesday and Thursday at 11:15am, and is only 30 minutes long.  It is a quick hitting class that will consist of a warm up, and then right into a longer, more cardio workout.  The 30 minute class option allows you to get in a great workout no matter how busy your day is.

XM Weightlifting Program

The XM Weightlifting Program focuses on improving technique and building strength in the Snatch and Clean and Jerk.  Coach Devin has developed the program based off the knowledge he has gained through his 6 years of competing in the sport of weightlifting and winning 4 National Championships as part of a team.

This program performs a strength day and a dynamic day for each of the two core lifts along with auxiliary work to build strength for these lifts.  During the classes, Coach Devin is constantly breaking down each athletes lifts to help them make the changes necessary to maximize their potential.

This program is designed to meet the goals of everyone.  Whether you are looking to just improve your lifts, or if you are looking to compete in this great sport, you will see the results you are looking for!

Female athlete performing squats.

XM Sweat Program

Athletes performing sit-ups.

XM Sweat is a 60 minute high intensity workout that does not requite previous experience , but does require a willingness to work hard! With a focus on dumbbell. kettlebell, cardio, and bodyweight movements, XM SWEAT is a great way to mix it up. This program includes lots of conditions, lighter weights to heavier weights based on your ability, core work, and an emphasis on getting leaner and tones while insanely fit!

XM Youth Classes

Kids getting ready for their Youth Fitness class.

Youth Level 1 Program

Our Youth Level 1 program is designed primarily for athletes ages 8-14. Participants in this 60- minute class learn to move properly and develop a base level of fitness, which prepares them for future growth. These classes utilize speed, agility, and plyometric drills; power lifts; Olympic lifts, gymnastics skills and strongman skills to enhance athletic performance and endurance. Additionally, athletes learn and practice important skills such as being a good teammate, following directions, taking personal responsibility, and respect for self and others. The program curriculum–designed to be constantly varied and fun at the same time– is taught by experienced, passionate coaches who enjoy interacting with young athletes and helping them grow both personally and athletically.

Youth Level 2 Program

The CrossFit Xtra Mile Youth Level 2 program is constructed for athletes ages 14 and up. Classes in this program begin with teaching athletes how to move properly through functional movements. Once a strong foundation has been established, experienced coaches work with athletes to build strength, power, and speed in 90-minute sessions. The program consists of dynamic and traditional lifting, agility and speed drills, auxiliary work to enhance athletic ability, and a variety of other techniques combined in a unique way that offers the young-adult athlete a challenging and effective training program unlikely to be found anywhere else. The curriculum for this program is varied and challenging but also designed to be fun and engaging at the same time. Youth Level 2 athletes will have the opportunity to take their training to the next level as they look to the future. Many of the students who have gone through this training program have gone on to be collegiate athletes.

Local high school athletes performing fitness as group training.

Sports Team Training

CrossFit Xtra Mile combines the effective qualities of its Youth programming in a cost-effective manner that promotes team-building through our Sports Team Training program. In these 75-minute classes, experienced coaches teach athletes how to move properly and more efficiently, often using partner and team elements to present skills and techniques. These are not just “cookie cutter” workouts. Each team’s program is designed around the specific sport and needs of the team and its athletes. We will work to improve strength, power, coordination, agility, balance, stamina, speed and explosiveness through a variety of skills, drills, and workouts. CrossFit Xtra Mile has a tremendous reputation for working with young athletes, and helping them take their skills to the next level. The Sports Team Training program allows groups of athletes access to our unique training while also growing as a team.

XM Corporate Programs

Boot Camp by CrossFit Xtra Mile
Boot Camp by CrossFit Xtra Mile is a program especially designed for the workplace.  We bring our expert coaching and program design right to your workplace.  We work with you to design a fitness program that fits your space and employees.  If you want employees that are healthier, more content with the workplace, and more productive without extra work on your part, this is the program for you.

Collage of various business around St. Louis getting local training at their workplace.